Introduction of Specialized Masters Degrees Programme of International Business College

Running two specialized masters degrees programme, Master of Professional Accounting (CPA Australia) and Master of Finance (CFA), International Business College has been in partnerships with two international authoritative organisations, CPA Australia and CFA Institute, aiming to cultivate a great numbers of internationalised high-calibre talents in the fields of economics and management. Both programmes are designed to giving students a global dimension and preparing them for a career on the world’s cutting-edge knowledge and skills in accounting and finance. Students will have abilities to fit the top tiers and up-to-date industry practices.

As advantages and features of the CPA programme, overseas migrations, worldwide recognitions, international careers, membership networks and pragmatically actions are typical to the programme. Students will be taught to obtain an associate member (ASAs) qualification in the programme, and may become members (CPAs) with required working experience after successful completion of CPA professional examinations. Master of Finance is designed as a CFA-oriented programme. This programme helps students to move forward on their career paths and gain a good grounding in finance investment knowledge. It emphasises students’ abilities in English communication and it enhances students’ capacities by delivering series of high levels academic seminars and engaging in international investment competitions.

An ‘Dual-supervisors’ system has been implemented for the masters programmes of International Business College, that is, a university academic supervisor and an off-campus entrepreneurial supervisor will be assigned to students. Both supervisors will take active part in and be responsible for teaching, practising, research projects and graduate thesis supervisions to students. Students will be directed in routes to career successes by entrepreneurial supervisors through plenty of opportunities of visiting renowned companies or internships. Meanwhile, International Business College will provide international platforms on excha