International Management (Bilingual)

International Business College offers a BSc in IM (International Management) based on teaching and research, complemented with practical application of learning during internship. This programme will enable students to understand how firms become and remain international in scope. They will learn to apply management theories and techniques important in an increasingly multinational business environment. This programme aims to prepare students for careers requiring global business awareness and to develop skills required to work in internationally operating companies and organizations. It is especially suitable for those students interested in international trade, international business and management, and international human resource management and marketing.

In order to adapt Chinese culture, and be more competitive in students’ career development, students will not only study International Management degrees but also be able to speak good Chinese upon their graduation. The programme adds a large percentage of modules in Chinese and Chinese Business studies. IBC can accept zero Chinese language level students. Students will study basic and intermediate Chinese language courses for the first two academic years, and will study major business courses for last two academic years. As part of students’ education and career development, students can also undertake an appropriate intern-ship in China which will be arranged by school.

Modules will include:

Profile of China, Basic Computing, Principle of Management, Principle of Microeconomics, Organizational Behavior, Principle of Marketing, International Business Management, Principle of Finance, Business Statistics, Management Information System, Intercultural Comparison and Management, Strategic Management, Human Resource Management, Business Ethics and Corporate Responsibilities, Basic Chinese Listening & Speaking, Basic Chinese Character Writing, Intermediate Chinese, Business Chinese, Intermediate Chinese Reading and Writing

Course length: 4 years

Tuition fee: 35000 RMB/ Academic year

Application fee: 800 RMB

Start date: September 2016

Application deadline: 30th July 2016

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