GIME Held Degree Awarding and Graduation Ceremony for IUP 2013 Students

2017 Summer Commencement for IUP 2013 graduates was held on 30th of June, 2017. It is hosted by International Project Department Director, Xie Yang. Overseas Dean of IBC, Professor Cai Gangshu, INTO China Director of Partnership and Operations (China), Ivy XU, Director of General & Transactional Studies, Ian Clark, faculty members, staffs, graduates’ families, and friends attended the ceremony.

In the congratulation speech, Dean Cai, Ms. Xu, Mr. Clark expressed their congratulations to our graduates’ achievements respectively. After the speeches, Dean Cai awarded the diploma to each graduate.

Cheikh Wade, the student representative, made a speech on behalf of all graduates to express their gratitude to their supervisors, instructors and also all the administration staffs.

After the ceremony, the Graduation Reception was held in the lobby of Shuyin Building.