IBC Staff Forum and Teacher Farewell Meeting was Held Successfully

On the 5th of July, 2017, the IBC Staff Forum and Teacher Farewell Meeting was held at the DUFE Coffee House in Shuyin Building. Professor Meng Tao, Executive Director of IBC, with other management team members and teachers attended the Meeting. The meeting was chaired by Vice Director Ding Xiaoyu.

Firstly, our dean came to speak. He focused on teaching and research, student support, program, social services, cultural construction and administrative affairs. He elaborated the three development strategies of internationalization, marketization and cooperation, and clarified the three major strategies for internal improvement and external expansion, teaching enhancement and research development, student support and social service. He has great faith in the development of IBC.

Secondly, after the wonderful speech made by Director Meng, Vice Director Geng Wei introduced related issues of 2017 Evaluation of Undergraduate Teaching in Liaoning. He hope that the faculty staff can be in close cooperation with adequate preparation to meet the arrival of the assessment team.

The development of a college is inseparable from the dedication of every faculty and staff, at the same time, the college is also concerned about the personal development of each employee. To help staff to achieve the ideal of life reflects in the value of the college. At the end of the meeting, Vice Director Geng read out the list of departing teachers and expressed great appreciation to them for their contribution to the development of the academy these years.

Teacher Zhou Shouliang, who will leave the college, reviewed the experience of studying, working and growing in the college, expressed his reluctance to the college. He is grateful to the college and colleagues, and wish the IBC to be better and better.

Finally, Director Meng presented commemorative medals for the departing teachers.

The meeting was held in warm atmosphere successfully. It set out the overall ideas and pointed out the direction of development of college.