On October 26, 2018, a 7-person delegation of LION Education International, LLC (hereafter refer as LION Education) paid a visit to International Business College (IBC), Dongbei University of Finance & Economics (DUFE). During the visit, IBC and LION International reached an Agreement on DUFE-LION Summer School Program. The program is aim to further promote the internationalization of DUFE and build a platform for introducing talents from overseas universities to DUFE. The program will officially start in July 2019, the course length is 4 weeks. The program will provide alomost 20 courses in multi-dicipline, including business, mathemetics, natural science, art, and humanities etc. All teaching staff is from well-known universities in North America, such as Harvard University,Yale University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology etc. The credits that students obtained from the program will be transferrable to over 300 universites in North America. International student can chose 3 courses at most in the progam, the courses and credits will be transferred back to student’s home university in North America once student complete the courses succesfully.

LION Education, established in 2011, is one of the platform of summer school program. LION international provide standard undergraudate courses in accordance with North America Universities course and credit system. The credits student obatined in the program are transferrable to students’ home universities. From 2012 till now, LION Education has lunched the Summer School Program with famous Chinese universities respectly, such as Sichuan University, Xi’an Jiaotong University, and Shenzhen University etc. The program promot the coommunication between student and professor, academic communication in different dicipline, and provide multi-choice for the share of international education resource.