About us

The International Business College of Dongbei University of Finance and Economics, established in September 2002, is one of China’s pioneering business schools.  Emerging from the exploration and practice of internationalization in higher education, the IBC has been playing a leading role in global educational innovation by implementing the University’s strategic plan for internationalized development. IBC’s primary mission has been to integrate international advanced educational resources with a first-class learning environment for Chinese students, in order to assist in their development of international perspectives, critical thinking abilities, and knowledge and skills for their specialized fields. Promoting the strategies of “internationalization”, “school-enterprise cooperation”, and “think tank construction”, IBC’s distinctive internationalized characteristics reflect a devotion to excellence which has placed it among the most influential first-class business colleges in China today. 


IBC has established a unique talent-cultivation quality system with reference to international certification standards,and has launched competitive undergraduate and master programs for cultivating internationalized and practice-oriented multi-talented graduates in economic management.
In addition to three Masters' programs, IBC offers eight undergraduate major programs, including six cooperative foreign exchange programs, and two specialized degree programs.
With the approval of the Ministry of Education, IBC launched six chinese-foreign cooperative programs which allow double-major degree studies. The international double-major degree programs have proved to be a great success, producing graduates with promising career prospects, while gaining IBC a reputation for teaching excellence among partner universities.

Chinese-Foreign Cooperative Programs

• DUFE-Huron Bachelor Program in Economics

• DUFE-King’s Bachelor Program in Economics

• DUFE-King’s Bachelor Program in Financial Management

• DUFE-Curtin Bachelor Program in Accounting

• DUFE-Ulster Bachelor Program in Finance

• DUFE-Ulster Bachelor Program in Accounting

Specialized International Programs

• B.M. in Accounting, focusing on CPA Australia

• B.E. in Finance, focusing on CFA


Master's Programs

• Master of Professional Accounting, focusing on CPA Australia

 Master of Finance focusing on CFA

 Master of Applied Statistics, focusing on Business Data Analysis


IBC welcomes young scholars returning to China from advanced studies at leading institutions of higher education throughout the world.

IBC strives to attract and retain talented international educators and researchers. We are currently perfecting our system of recruitment, assessment, and professional development. With more and more young scholars joining the University, IBC intends to set up a special community for them so that they can gather together occasionally to share knowledge and cultivate personal development.

There are 54 full-time Chinese and foreign teachers in IBC, 75% of whom were educated at renowned overseas universities; including a Chair Professor of Chang Jiang Scholars Program and a professor of “Thousand Talents Plan”. Most teachers of subject courses are professionally experienced and certified with CPA, AICPA, ACCA, etc. Other than teaching and research, IBC faculty are greatly involved in the collegial development and student services.

In order to enhance our scientific research capabilities and enrich our faculty resources, IBC has invited Professor Cai Gangshu, from Santa Clara University, to be our Honorary Overseas Dean in charge of academic research improvement and talent recruitment from abroad.

Think Tank

As a renowned business school, IBC places significant emphasis on building a friendly, internationally respected research environment for our faculty, while encouraging teachers to keep abreast of cutting-edge research from across the social sciences.
Teachers receive all-out support and encouragement from the school, such as a series of competitive policies and incentives, connections with scholars and experts at world-renowned institutions, very open research pathways, frequent academic workshops, forums and symposiums, etc.
IBC faculty publish frequently in scientific journals and their research has won not only peer recognition, but also the privilege of positive appraisal from China’s top officials.


IBC has always been at the forefront in promoting internationalization at DUFE and in China as well. The school is young and energetic, quick to sense the demands of Chinese families and students, and reacts promptly to the social needs of its graduates.

With the aim of providing the best service to students and faculty, IBC is administered and operated through committees which adopt standard international governance structures and mechanisms.

The college has successfully created a global community involving both international and domestic students and faculty through a variety of cultural exchanges and interactions.

IBC is actively engaged in international cooperation for research and teaching. It has entered into agreements with a number of overseas universities to seek collaboration in education, research, faculty exchange, and academic activities. In the process, IBC not only thrives at joint-degree programs, bridging projects for overseas study, and international certification programs, but also steps forward into the future of offshore education. In 2015, Dongbei University of Finance & Economics and Hofstra University in the USA reached an agreement, which allows Hofstra students to pursue a second degree from DUFE while studying in Hofstra University. By June 2017, the first cohort of 9 Hofstra students successfully met the academic requirements and obtained DUFE’s baccalaureate degrees. It’s believed to be the first Chinese offshore degree program in America.