International Business College is dedicated to establishment of a top-grade and world-class teacher and researcher team which boasts high quality, reasonable structure, and full of innovation vitality. Overseas professionals are sincerely invited to join International Business College. Our passion for working with global talents will impress you. Here you will find a vast arena and stage which encourages you to spread your wings. Here you will realize your career dreams and draw magnificent blueprint.

Currently, International Business College has a total of 55 full-time Chinese and foreign faculty, in which foreign teachers account for 56.36%. Moreover, a high level foreign expert included in China’s Thousand Talent Program, a chair professor included in Changjiang Scholars Program, an expert undertaking High-End Foreign Experts Project of the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs and four outstanding holders of overseas PhD also work hard in International Business College. In the next five years, International Business College plans to set up a high-level talent team consisting of about 30 members so as to improve its own competitiveness in terms of scientific research and talent cultivatio

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1. Renowned international scholars with outstanding capacity in academic research and capability in leading team members to a top global level

2. Domestic applicants shall have obtained senior professional titles, while overseas applicants shall have obtained professorate tenure position in overseas institutes of higher education or scientific research.


teaching position

1. For the applicant having a doctoral degree or a associate senior professional technical title, the age shall be generally no more than 40 years old, or if having a senior professional technical title, the age is generally no more than 45 years old, or if qualified as doctoral supervisor, the age is generally no more than 50 years old.

2. Full-time Bachelor degree, master degree and PhD shall be obtained…