Industry partners

College-enterprise cooperation is one of the three development strategies adopted by International Business College of Dongbei University of Finance & Economics which aims to establish a mechanism for the College and enterprises to cooperate with each other in talent training, information sharing, mutual improvement and joint development based on the enterprises’ business advantages and the College’s teaching resources. The purpose for this is to achieve a “win-win-win” situation for the College, the enterprises and the students. College-enterprise cooperation accords with the inherent law of education, and helps to renew teaching concepts and improve teaching quality; it helps enterprises to implement talent strategies to enlarge their brand influence; and finally it helps students to enhance their sense of career development to boost their employment competitiveness.

Currently by setting up scientific research projects, organizing student competition activities, giving career talks and recommending internship positions and jobs, the College has established a good cooperative relationship with many of the top 500 companies globally.