Majors for Bachelor Degrees

Established in August 2002, International Business College of Dongbei University of Finance & Economics (DUFE) witnesses important exploration and practice of DUFE for international partnership and international operation of higher education under the guidance of “Going Global” Development Strategy. Grounded in China, International Business College focuses on the international job market and offers students Bachelor-degree and Master-degree programs. International Business College relies on Sino-foreign cooperative programs and partners with established foreign universities in various forms, with a view to providing Chinese students with complete, inclusive and diversified education resources brimming with both Chinese and foreign characteristics. It is committed to cultivating innovative and interdisciplinary business talents with international visions, cross-culture communication skills, proficiency in foreign languages, strong professional knowledge and skills. International Business College strives to give students the aspiration to become innovation-oriented inter-disciplinary talents who think independently and bravely undertake social responsibilities, and meet needs from international talent market. Currently, International Business College offers six Sino-foreign cooperative education programs approved by China’s Ministry of Education, as well as two independent Bachelor-degree Programs––Bachelor of Accounting (CPA Australia) and Bachelor of Finance (CFA).

Why is International business college PREFERRED?

The cooperation between prestigious Chinese and foreign universities leads to internationalized education

Sino-foreign cooperative education programs of International Business College combine the features and advantages of DUFE and a foreign university to provide students with opportunities to understand Chinese and western culture and have access to international education. With the joint efforts of the two universities, students can go through complete international education within four years, and obtain two bachelor degrees recognized domestically and internationally after graduation.

Internationalized elite curriculum are available on the basis of traditional advantageous disciplines

The self-developed programs of International Business College are based on Accounting and Finance, both of which are traditional advantageous disciplines of DUFE. Those programs are oriented to market demand and based on the cooperation with world-renown industrial organizations. International Business College sets up bachelor-degree programs and innovative talent cultivation models with its unique characteristics and market competitiveness.

Education quality is guaranteed by a galaxy of famous Chinese and foreign teachers

International Business College has a selected team of teachers from the high-quality candidates of DUFE. Moreover, International Business College recruits outstanding foreign teachers in addition to the visiting professors from the cooperative foreign universities, who impart courses of languages and specialized course. Currently, 54 teachers works in International Business College, in which foreign teachers account for 57%. A foreign language project expert included in China’s Recruitment Program of Global Experts (“Thousand Talents Program”), a chair professor included in Cheung Kong (Changjiang) Scholars Program, an expert undertaking high-end foreign expert project of the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs and outstanding holders of overseas Ph.D. also work hard in International Business College.

The reasonable mix of Chinese and foreign teachers guarantees that all students can fully understand the domestic and foreign courses, thereby greatly improving their adaptability to the two kinds of teaching environment.

Students are endowed with great career prospects and global competitiveness

In the context of the economic globalization, International Business College is committed to cultivating innovation-ignited, application-oriented and internationalized business talents through the in-depth cooperation and communication with prestigious foreign universities. Such talents are currently preferred choices on job market. Meanwhile, International Business College adopts the “university-enterprise cooperation” as one of its development strategies, and builds a platform for the students’ practice and employment.

learning experiences combining both Chinese and foreign characteristics, great cross-culture communication skills and satisfactory practices during the university period endow all students of International Business College great prospects in postgraduate studies and career development.

Chinese-foreign cooperative programs

With the approval by the Ministry of Education, IBC launched 6 Chinese-Foreign Cooperative Programs…


This Accounting programs of IBC is certified by the Australian Institute of Certified Public Accountants (CPA Australia)…


In December 2012, Dongbei University of Finance and Economics (the University) signed withwith the American