Majors for Master Degrees

Running three specialized masters degree programmes, the Masters of Professional Accounting (CPA Australia) offering both full-time and part-time curriculum, the Masters of Finance (CFA) and the Masters of Applied Statistics (Business Data Analysis), International Business College has been in partnership with international authoritative organisations, such as CPA Australia and CFA Institute, in order to cultivate a great number of internationalised high-calibre talents in the fields of economics and management. Accounting and finance programmes are designed to give students a global perspective and prepare them for a career using the world’s cutting-edge knowledge and skills in accounting and finance. Graduates will possess good professional moral qualities and an international vision, theoretical knowledge and skills of contemporary mainstream accounting and finance, and the ability to solve practical problems. The programme in business data analysis is offered to meet market demand. It focuses on the application of data analysis methods to practical financial management issues and their solutions. Graduates will have high-quality professional management skills that can statistically process and analyze the present situation of a company project.

An ‘Dual-supervisors’ system has been implemented for the masters programmes of International Business College, that is, a university academic supervisor and an off-campus entrepreneurial supervisor will be assigned to students. Both supervisors will take an active part in and be responsible for teaching, practising, researching projects and supervising graduate thesis of students. Students will be directed on how to have career successes by entrepreneurial supervisors through plenty of opportunities of visiting renowned companies or participating in internships. Meanwhile, International Business College will provide international platforms for exchange programmes, study-tours and internship opportunities in international corporations for students.

Why choose ibc?

The advantages of the masters programs: closely linked to the “One Belt One Road” initiative

China’s economic and trade cooperation with the countries along the “Silk Road” is advancing steadily, and more countries will join this trade cooperation. Professionals in economics, trade and management fields will surely be needed. Related specialties such as finance, accounting, business data analysis and international trade will become popular. The four masters programs offered by IBC are the masters of full-time and part-time accounting (CPA Australia), masters of finance (financial analyst) and masters of applied statistics (business data analysis) and focus on fashioning students into professionals to meet national needs.

Internationalization: to produce talents with a global vision

For the professional masters’ programme, as required by the National Commission of Teaching Instruction, the curriculum is embedded with national requirements as well as CFA level 1 and level 2 key subjects for the finance programme and CPA Australia professional levels for the accounting programme. In addition, the College provides an internationalized campus atmosphere for students to learn English easily.

First-class teaching and research team: core courses will be taught by honours overseas doctors and worldwide well-known visiting professors

The College engages core course teachers who gained an overseas PhD and professors who obtained the national “1,000 Talents Plan”programme to teach. With good teaching environment and learning resources, IBC postgraduates’ numbers has increased dramatically.  Commencing first enrollments in 2016, more and more postgraduate candidates have chosen IBC master programmes due to its popularity of the programmes in China.

Entrepreneurial supervisors: IBC alumni act as entrepreneurial supervisors to build up a social network in the industry

The practice courses offered by the College enjoy a high reputation in the industry. The College has an alumni platform and business platform, on which students majoring in finance, accounting and business data analysis can practice. Many of the tutors at the College graduated from world-known universities or now work as managers or chief-executives in well-known enterprises. With these experienced seniors to offer guidance, students will be given an excellent platform to expand their social network.

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