Performing Arts Challenge

The Performing Arts Challenge is aimed to upgrade students’ literary and artistic capabilities, improve artistic accomplishment, enhance friendship in rehearsals, and reinforce the cohesion of International Business College in a formal competition. Student dancers start to prepare for it in March by selecting groups and then training for a month or so.

Month of Academic Moralities

In order to maintain a positive and academically rigorous study atmosphere and form a learning-oriented collegiate environment, International Business College (IBC), in partnership with DUFE, has launched a series of yearly activities every April, collectively known as “Constructing Academic Excellence Month”. These events include classroom visits and evaluations by leading administrators and faculty, special training sessions, and student contests that reward strong academic ethics and integrity. 


Sports Meeting

IBC Track and Field Day is one of DUFE’s largest and most popular annual events. All colleges make ample preparation for this sports-meet, which serves as a platform to showcase the athletic achievements of various colleges. The event usually lasts for two days at the end of May.




Sports Culture Festival

The annual Autumn Sports Culture Festival runs from early October to November. There are a variety of matches, such as football, volleyball, basketball, tug-of-war, involving the whole campus. The Festival is dedicated to improving students’ physical fitness and athletic ability, fostering students’ spirit of cooperation and citizenship, and underwriting a passion for the pursuit of excellence.


English Speech Contest

English Speech Contest is aimed to enable IBC students improve their English skills through such event. At the same time, this contest also upgrades students’ oral communication competence and ability to act according to circumstances. As an internationalization-oriented college, English plays a crucial role in IBC students’ daily studies and future job.

English Speech Contest consists of thematic speech and impromptu speech. For thematic speech, contestants prepare for speech scripts under the themes as disclosed two days in advance. For impromptu speech, contestants prepare for speech scripts under such themes that they draw lots ten minutes before the contest.

International Business College Christmas Evening Party

Christmas Party gives a stage for students to showcase talents, presents awards, encourages students, and adds overseas students’ variety show to enhance domestic and international communication. At the same time, through the Christmas party rehearsal, the cohesion of International Business College can be reinforced.

Performance repertoires are collected and performer list is prepared since October. After the list of performers of some repertoires is finalized, performers start to rehearse and strive to perform well in Christmas Party. Subsequently, the first and the second reviews are launched to identify shortcomings and correct them within short deadline. In the two days before Christmas Party, rehearsal is carried out on the site so as to ensure that stage lighting and choreography are perfect and show the best effects for the students.

"Qiming Cup" Debate Contest

“Qiming Cup” Debate Contest is aimed to create a favorable academic atmosphere on campus and cultivate the critical thinking and academic debate ability of students. This debate contest has allowed numerous students the opportunities to show up and present their thoughts. The contest is from March to mid April each year.

IBC first holds lectures and invites previous debate team members to introduce the debate structure and share their experience.Subsequently, IBC holds a Freshman Debate Contest, and carefully selects outstanding debate candidates among freshmen to set up the college debate team.

In the warm-up stage, the team leader asks members of the college debate team to watch the debate videos to further their understanding of the meanings of the debate, raises their awareness of what the meaning of debate is, and introduces the members of college debate team. Based on the understanding of the composition of the college debate team, members of the team choose their own appropriate roles.

In the routine training stage, members hold a “Squirrel Club Meeting” to recommend books that are profound, and share debate-related skills. Members take advantage of the ideas in the books to use for the debate.In the simulation training stage, the team leader instructs members to kick off several team-level simulation debate contests so as to improve their impromptu response through multiple simulation debates. After the preparation of a debate issue, members are required to search for references and make preparations for scripts within one day. On the day of the debate contest, previous debate team members with outstanding performance are invited to review and make suggestions for improvement.

In the spare-time assignments, members usually watch debate training sessions on a regular basis, listen to debate-related courses entitled “Talk Show”, and learn and improve their language argument skills.

Before the formal debate contest, a simulation debate contest is launched again. Opponent debate teams are subjected to a time limit of one day, and they should refer to materials and prepare discourse and refutation scripts. On the day of the simulation debate contest, the instructors are invited to be judge to advise on the performance improvement for members of opponent teams, and request members to summarize, learn and reflect after the simulation debate contest.


Mathematical Modeling Competition

The Mathematical Modeling Contest is aimed to encourage IBC students’ interest in mathematics, logic and other aspects, broaden students’ perspective, expand students’ knowledge spectrum, help them apply knowledge in social practice, arouse students’ enthusiasm to participate in the contest, and improve their comprehensive ability.

To prepare students for the Competition, IBC provide regular contest information sessions, experience sharing sessions and mathematics-themed lectures by given by well-known professors.


Speech Contest in Memory of “December 9th Movement”

IBC encourages teachers and students’ enthusiasm, stimulates students’ interest in speech and exchange of ideas, and sets up a platform for students to present themselves, share their experience, receive awards and honors, showcase college students’ brilliance on the stage. This contest lasts for almost two month, from mid-September to mid-November.

Student activities are dedicated to helping students develop as leaders and supporting them in their efforts to make a positive impact at IBC. There are many ways for IBC students to get involved on campus and show their creativity and cooperation.