I love IBC, and have never left here!”

The alumni are the IBC’s most valuable treasure and most trustworthy backing. The IBC Alumni Center provides alumni with extensive services and support by continuing to devote itself to building a dynamic alumni liaison system and forming a worldwide alumni team, for the purpose of establishing a jointly developing resource network.

Hub of internal and external communication

• Collecting, and tapping into alumni information, and forming an alumni work system

• Strengthening the establishment of local alumni associations

• Creating a multi-dimensional alumni information publicity platform

• Setting up a platform for resource pooling so as to support the admissions campaign, employment of graduates and other work of IBC

Platform dedicated to alumni services

• Encouraging alumni to return to the university for to share their experiences, and promoting the interaction between the alumni and students.

• Dedicated to alumni services, and offering alumni extensive services and support such as information communication, resource sharing and alumni interaction.

• Encouraging alumni to get together and establish a liaison network.

Council Members of Alumni Associations across the Globe

Access to Contact Information for Alumni Associations across the Globe:

Career Development and Alumni Work Department of International Business College: 0411-84711297

Beijing Alumni Association

Deputy Secretary-General: Wang Chengcheng

Finance Secretary: Tan Jingyang

Shanghai Alumni Association

Secretary-General: Li Xuan

Deputy Secretary-General: Hu Jiong

Finance Secretary: Tang Li’nan

Shenzhen Alumni Association

Secretary-General: Pei Yingnan

Finance Secretary: Zhang Kaiyi

Shenyang Alumni Association

Secretary-General: Li Liang

Finance Secretary: Gong Siyuan

Dalian Alumni Association

Secretary-General: Li Ming

Deputy Secretary-General: Zhang Yi, Xu Yinpeng, Song Mingze

Finance Secretary: Zou Lei

Canadian Alumni Association

Secretary-General: Jing Di

Deputy Secretary-General: Li Dizhen, Li Yanying, Yang Yuqi

Finance Secretary: Qi Bikun

Australian Alumni Association

Honorary President: Zhang Shengquan

Secretary General: Wang Chenying

Deputy Secretary-General: Huang Xinsheng

Finance Secretary: Song Wenting

Hu Jiong

“The International Business College offers courses using both Chinese and Western styles, focuses on developing students’ abilities, and keeps improving the quality of teaching. I have been graduated for ten years, and thank the teachers for broadening my international vision, developing my ability to think independently and solve problems, and teaching me how to get along with people. What I learned couldn’t be measured with credits or scores, but I have deeply felt all that I learned at the College since I got my first job. As a member of the alumni association in Shanghai, I hope you will join us four years later.”

Tan Jingyang

“The knowledge accumulated at the university has an effect on work that is much greater than I imagined. The university and college’s broad international vision and good teaching resources help, encourage and guide students. For graduates, although we cannot study anymore in DUFE, we keep in touch with our schoolmates. We are friends, family members and those fighting together in the same social environment. We have benefited a lot, and will live up to our mission, to await your arrival.”

Zhang Kaiyi

“The International Business College has excellent teaching resources. The foreign teachers give lessons in a lively atmosphere and students attend a variety of activities. For my part, I’ve learned much in practice. In this paradise that is inclusive and inspiring, I was taught to think about what I should be and do, and gradually make best of myself. I believe this is what should make up undergraduate education.”