(Discipline of International Business College)

This Accounting programs of IBC is certified by the Australian Institute of Certified Public Accountants (CPA Australia), with a curriculum system directed for the CPA Examination Australia. The programs are established to cultivate outstanding international accounting talents who systematically master theoretical knowledge, have high professional ethics and strong social responsibility and practical ability, have a good command of international rules and are proficient in English (as a working language). The program has step-by-step bilingual teaching, cross-culture exchanges and training in operation skills through the whole process, in order to create outstanding international accounting talents that meet the requirements specified by well-known international accounting industry associations. The textbooks of most courses are in original English versions, and interpreted by Chinese-English bilingually. The faculty consists of elite teachers from around the globe. The students study with peers from overseas to increase their international awareness. The students also have the opportunity to apply to study for six months to a year in the colleges and universities of the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia and so on.

Graduates of this major may apply to join CPA Australia and become members of the Australia Society of Accountants (ASA). After becoming a member of ASA, the student will be eligible for the certification of an Australian Certified Accountant if he/she passes all the CPA examinations covering 6 courses and accumulates enough practical work experience meeting the requirements. Students with a good English learning background and strong learning ability, after completing all the courses a bachelor’s degree needs, will have the opportunity to acquire a CPA exam scholarship. After passing the CPA exam, they will become senior professionals as Australian Certified Accountants. They can better expand their international perspective, and combine professional knowledge with their future career development plan to enhance their employability.

The core courses of the program include: basic accounting, management accounting, financial accounting, intermediate financial accounting, corporate law, Chinese taxation, auditing, accounting information system, financial risk management, cost accounting, accounting computerization, senior financial accounting, senior management accounting, financial reports, etc.

The Accounting program recruits high school students both in liberal arts and science and a bachelor’s degree in management is granted upon graduation.