Degree: Masters of Professional Accounting

Description of Master-degree Program: Masters of Professional Accounting (CPA Australia)

In 2011, International Business College established a strategic partnership with CPA Australia. Undergraduate and Master candidate programs of accounting are accredited by CPA Australia. After finishing all curriculums, students can be exempted from six basic subjects of the Examination, and apply for the qualification of Associate member (ASA) of CPA Australia. Students, who further pass the professional exams and fulfill their work experience plans, will be able to become an Australian CPA.

Teaching Objectives

Relying on the cooperation with world-class authoritative CPA Australia, this Master-degree Program is aimed to cultivate high-end financial experts and integrated management talents for multinational corporations, accounting firms, international organizations and government agencies, who have good professional ethics and international perspective, master contemporary mainstream accounting theoretical knowledge and skills, and have the ability to solve accounting problems in practice.

Features of Master-degree Program

The core curriculum covers all the content of Australian CPA professional stage examinations, and closely combines degree education with occupational certification. Students will be able to obtain quasi-qualification of ASA through professional study. On this basis, students will be able to become Australian Certified Public Accountants if they pass the professional exams and complete their work experience programs. This qualification is conducive to obtaining overseas work visas and laying an important foundation for becoming overseas immigrants.


International Business College has nearly 100 full-time Chinese and foreign teachers, including foreign language project expert included in China’s Recruitment Program of Global Experts (“Thousand Talents Program”). Foreign teachers account for more than 60% of total teachers. The professional course teachers have overseas study background and English teaching ability, and they mostly graduated from the University of London, London School of Economics and Political Science, the University of Manchester, the University of California at Berkeley, the University of Sydney and other internationally-renowned universities. Most professional teachers have CPA/AICPA/ACCA licensees and a wealth of industry experience.

Cultivation Mode

This Master-degree Program embeds CPA Australia curriculum into master candidate teaching system, and combines degree education and vocational qualification examination. The System of “Dual Supervisors” prevails in this Master-degree Program. International Business College chooses the professional supervisors for students, while CPA Australia chooses practice supervisors outside the university for students. Dual Supervisors will make joint efforts for whole process of students becoming professional accountants from classroom teaching, practical teaching, project research, thesis design and other aspects of talent cultivation, and jointly take responsibility for students’ learning outcomes. Students will have opportunities to visit and intern in famous enterprises, and develop reasonable career planning.

Education Duration

This is a 2-year Master-degree Program. Applicants, for those whose major was not in accounting or those who did not graduate from universities accredited by CPA Australia, are requested to learn six prerequisite courses and pass the examinations prior to the professional stage examination. Applicants majoring in accounting and coming from universities accredited by CPA Australia do not need to take the prerequisite courses. They are allowed to directly take compulsory courses and register for professional examinations. Students passing four professional course examinations of CPA Australia and satisfying the requirements of talent cultivation program of the accounting major can apply for thesis defense. If failing four professional course examinations of CPA Australia within two years, this program will additionally provide such student with module course learning and relevant exams.


In addition to university scholarships, this program will also provide a CPA Australia Examination Scholarship for students, and make CPA Australia registration fees and examination fees reduced and exempted for students.

Employment Direction

Once students become an Australian CPA, they enjoy a great competitive advantage in domestic and international job markets. Graduates of this Master-degree Program mainly work in worldwide financial organizations and institutions, major accounting firms, large-sized multinational corporations, governmental authorities and regulators at all levels, well-known securities and fund companies, insurance companies and asset management companies, etc. They mainly serve as accounting managers, auditors, asset assessors, securities analysts, chief financial officers, investment advisers, etc.

Main Courses

Financial Reporting, Strategic Management Accounting, Ethics and Governance, Global Strategy and Leadership, Advanced Audit, Financial Risk Management, etc.