Degree: Master of Applied Statistics

Description of Master-degree Program: Master of Applied Statistics (Business Data Analysis)

Business Data Analysis is a relatively new major, but it seems to promise bright employment prospects. Nowadays, more and more governments, enterprises and public institutions choose and recruit qualified data analysts to make scientific and reasonable analysis for them in order to make correct and well informed decisions. More and more enterprises regard analytical reports issued by data analysts as an important basis for judging the feasibility of projects and whether projects are worth being invested in.

Master-degree Program of “Master of Applied Statistics (Business Data Analysis)” is aimed to cultivate high-grade professionals who ‘have professional ethics, grasp statistical theories on data collection, collation and analysis, have the ability to skillfully apply computer clusters for business data processing and statistical analysis. In the demands from governments and enterprises for big data professionals, demand for business data analysis application professionals is an important part. The master-degree program of “Master of Applied Statistics” adopts a joint teaching approach, and implements a system of “Dual Supervisors” (i.e., an internal academic supervisor from DUFE and an external supervisor from practical sectors). Faculty is composed of overseas Ph.D. and other excellent teachers. After graduation, students are recommended to devote to doing statistical data analysis, information management and other related specializations in governments, enterprises and scientific research institutes.

Education Duration and Graduation Criteria

This is a 2-year programme. Students are required to obtain all credits as specified in the master candidate cultivation program before giving their graduation thesis defense. Degree-conferring criteria and graduation criteria are consistent with the master degree-conferring criteria and graduation criteria of Dongbei University of Finance and Economics.

Main Courses

Data Mining and Machine Learning, Business Optimization, Applied Regression Analysis, Database Management, etc.