A Brief Introduction to Australia CPA

Australian CPA is a widely recognized professional qualification in the world, and getting it means that an accounting professional with an international vision and excellent skills can do accounting and financial work in different industries and enterprises. Due to the hard-working and enterprising spirit and noble professional ethics represented by it, Australian CPA has won favor from the global business sector and political circles.

A Brief Introduction to CPA Australia

It is a globally leading professional accountancy body and official professional CPA qualification accrediting and certifying agency. The agency was founded in 1886, and has over 155, 000 members in 118 countries. CPA Australia officially set up an office in Hong Kong in 1990, and then in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, in order to further strengthen the communication and cooperation with China’s accounting circles. At present, CPA Australia has over 17,000 members in China. CPA Australia’s official website is: https://www.cpaaustralia.com.au/

A Brief Introduction to the CPA Australia Program Training Centre at DUFE

Considering the favourable geographic location of the Liaoning International Business Talent Training Base, a training centre was duly incorporated in Dongbei University of Finance & Economics (DUFE) in September 2011 with the official approval of CPA Australia. The centre, which was built by the International Business College (IBC) of DUFE and is now in its charge, is the first Australian CPA program training centre in Northeast China. The training centre is qualified to conduct training from the foundation level to the professional level to help students learn CPA Australia courses and obtain the qualification.

Course Orientation

Special course training is conducted for those to take exams of required courses in the CPA Australia program.

Course Arrangement

Courses are offered in March and September each year, and lessons are given all day long on weekends.

DUFE-CPA   Australia Program   Training Courses offered in 2017

Teaching     Location

Course Content

Language for     Teaching

CPA AUST. Beijing Office

Financial Reporting


CPA AUST.     Beijing Office

Ethics and   Governance


CPA AUST.   Beijing Office

Global Strategy and Leadership


CPA AUST.     Beijing Office

Global Strategy   and Leadership


(Dalian)   DUFE

Global Strategy and Leadership


(Dalian) DUFE

Global Strategy   and Leadership



Faculty Introduction

Those who teach the courses are DUFE senior foreign teachers or part-time teachers that have an Australian CPA certificate and rich experience in teaching CPA Australia courses. From April 2012 to September 2016, the training centre conducted course training over ten times in Beijing and Dalian, wining good praise from students, with many students passing the test. In September 2016, 39% of the students passed the test.

Zhou Shouliang: Graduated from a prestigious overseas university with a doctor’s degree, Head of the accounting staff room at  IBC of DUFE, has years of rich teaching experience.

Wang Li: Australian teacher, engaged in the teaching of Management Accounting and Financial Reporting, has rich experience in teaching accounting courses.

Lin Huikang: Graduated from Monash University Australia with a master’s degree in accounting, Australian CPA, and U.S. certified management accountant. Worked in Australia in 2009 to 2011, has rich overseas working experience. After returning home, she has positively helped broaden domestic enterprises’ international vision and brought in advanced management ideas, advocated scientifically understanding management accounting in practice and theory many times, and worked on researching the scientific nature and commercial fundamentality of management accounting; has rich experience in teaching management accounting courses.  

Kevin Burns: Australian teacher, Australian CPA, worked in Curtin University of Technology and University of Western Australia as an undergraduate and postgraduate teacher of Financial Accounting, External Reporting, Business Law, Marketing Strategies and Business Management. As one having taught CPA Australia program training courses at DUFE for a long time, he knows well the key points really well, and is particularly good at analyzing and researching teaching cases. He has won high praise from students, and all his students in 2015 passed the test.

Charging Standard

RMB 1, 500 is collected for each course in Ethics and Governance, Strategic Management Accounting and Financial Reporting; RMB 2,000 yuan is collected for the course in Global Strategy and Leadership.

How to apply

Contacts: Ms Gao (0411-84711297 / 186-4112-4069)

E-mail: gaoxinyuan@dufe.edu.cn

Office Address: Room 506, Shuyin Building, Dongbei University of Finance & Economics