A Brief Introduction to Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)

The CFA certificate (Chartered Financial Analyst) is the highest-level certificate in financial investment circles that is recognized in America and across the world, as well as a certificate essential for financial analysts working in superior financial institutions throughout the United States. It is a vocational qualification title in the securities investment and management community, known as the “world’s first financial certificate”. It sets up a code and standard of professional ethics, professionalism and knowledge hierarchy for global investment business. The CFA qualification test mainly assesses international frontier financial theories and technologies, and the certificate is awarded to various investment professionals including fund managers, securities analysts, CFOs, investment advisors, investment bankers and traders. Getting the CFA certificate will not only help you improve your professional skills and occupational prestige, but also integrate you into the mainstream group made up of CFA certificate holders to make you a world-class financial professional.

A Brief Introduction to the CFA Course Training Centre at Dongbei University of Finance & Economics

In December 2012, Dongbei University of Finance & Economics (DUFE) signed a contract with the CFA Institute becoming the seventh CFA program partner in the Chinese mainland. Considering the favourable geographic location of the Liaoning International Business Talent Training Base, a CFA course training centre was set up, which is in the charge of the International Business College (IBC). The training centre adopts a curriculum system compatible with the CFA test, and invites senior teachers of finance at DUFE and experienced part-time teachers to give students guidance on the test and practice to help them pass the test.

Course Orientation

The course is offered to all students and financial investment analysts in China.

Teaching Objectives

Relying on the cooperation with the international authoritative industry organization, this Master-degree Program is aimed to cultivate first-grade, application-oriented and internationalized high-end financial professionals who cherish have professional ethics and international perspective, master contemporary mainstream financial theoretical knowledge and skills, have the ability to solve financial problems in practice. They also specialize in corporate investment and financing decisions, risk management, financial analysis and quantitative research.

Course Arrangement

Teaching Schedule: at 18:30-21:30 on Tuesday to Thursday, 9:00-12:00 and 13:30-16:30 on Saturday from March 11th to May 25th 2017 (prior notice will be given if the schedule is changed on legal holidays)


Faculty Introduction

Those who teach the courses are DUFE’s senior finance teachers or part-time teachers that have rich industry experience, a CFA certificate, at least five years of work experience and professional finance training experience, a good command of the key points and industry trend concerning various financial qualification tests, and rich experience in teaching CFA courses.

Charging Standard

The total tuition fee is 8,000 yuan.

Preferential Policy: The students and alumni of Dongbei University of Finance & Economics can enjoy a discount of 5%; a group of at least 5 applicants can enjoy a discount of 10%.

Please Note: Please pay 1,000 yuan for your tuition fee in advance (to be used for buying training materials, etc.) after an application is completed, with the rest to be paid in full within one week prior to the beginning of training. If you can’t attend training for some personal reasons, the advance payment will not be refunded.

How to apply

Contacts: Ms Gao (0411-84711297 / 186-4112-4069)

E-mail: gaoxinyuan@dufe.edu.cn

Office Address: Room 506, Shuyin Building, Dongbei University of Finance & Economics